Special Entrepreneurial Warrior Certificate is delivered to those who complete our program with superior success.
  • GIS Certification provides general recognition, reputation and acceptance in entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem. GIS certification is important for Investors.
  • GIS Certificate provides special advantages in applications for various incubation and accelerator centres.
  • Many corporate-scale companies throughout Turkey give priority to our alumni and recognize our Entrepreneurial Warrior Certificate in their recruitment processes.
  • Our partner institutions grant various privileges and high-margin deals to the GIS Certificate holders.
  • GIS Certificate is awarded to those who have completed the GIS Master Union for a period of 6 months. Then, it is either cancelled or extended for a period of 2 years by issuing visas upon the decision of GIS Central Executive Committee.
  • GIS Certificates are signed by our experts with a wet signature and are specifically stamped by hand.