The Enterprise Warrior Certificate is given that our 7 specialists in total including Chairman of GİRVAK Sina Afra, Chairman of ETID Hakan Orhun have signed for those who complete successfully our program. The possibilities provided by this certificate;
  • A large number of corporate-scale companies throughout Turkey recognize the Enterprise Warrior Certificate during the recruitment process. In this respect, It is given priority to our graduates who have acquired the nature of intrapreneurship in job applications. Discount is applied to the owners of GIS Certification at higher margins by our partner organizations.
  • The GIS certification ensures general recognition and acceptance in entrepreneurship and start-up ecosystem.
  • The GIS certification is delivered for 2 years to those who have successfully completed the GIS Master Union. Subsequently, a visa is issued every two years by the decision of board.
  • The GIS certificates are signed with a wet signature by our specialists and specifically stamped by hand.