If You Have A Dream, You Have To Protect It !
We believe that every human should live for a particular purpose. For this reason, we ensure them to determine the meaning of their life by passing people from an exceptional training and give them the skills to fight for what they believe.



Throughout our program you can start your business from scratch and turn into a successful entrepreneur, start domestic and foreign trade with a professional infrastructure. 


After completing our program, you can work at a company as an intrapreneur with titles such as Projects Specialist/Manager, Business Development Director (CEO in the future) 

Prospective Entrepreneurs

There is not much difference between a successful entrepreneur and a good warrior. Both work very hard, endure pressure, fight with passion, move on with courage and never return without succeeding. The Entrepreneurial Warrior program enables people to transform into successful and swift entrepreneurs who are visionary, resilient, determined and are able to start their own businesses in ten thousands of different sectors or are able to manage special projects at a company.

Our Training Model

Our trainings include a high number of practices. During practices, our participants assimilate all class topics deeply, learn the fine points, perform activities supporting mental development, improve their skills of strategy development, taking action and obtaining result. 

Never give up. Never.

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Training Model

The New Era in Economy and Trade

Digital economy, development processes of Internet and the rise of robots. Operation flow in e-trade and general terminology, state of offline foreign trade and man/robot collaboration in commerce


Entrepreneurship and game-changer, great illusion, profiles, values and qualities in entrepreneurship, diplomacy of entrepreneurship, CEO's perspective, free and in-house entrepreneurship models, Entrepreneurship War

Leadership Skills

Developing leadership character, servant leadership, business and relationship management techniques, code of conduct, communication, persuasion, intermediation methods, networking and photographic memory, fast reading, diction, professional image, advanced presentation techniques, personnel selection and team management

Military Perspective and Strategy

Warrior spirit and the Bushido philosophy, unlimited thinking style, work discipline acquisition, concentration, strength, increasing self-confidence, withstanding mobbing, being process- and result-oriented, never giving up, acquisition of the habit of success

The Effect of Psychology on Business Management

Psychology in communication, Socratic questioning, subliminal messages, perception management, personal awareness, battling depression, stress management, mood control, mental resilience, emotional flexibility, pinpoint focusing, battling ego and tricksters, suggestion, cognitive distortions and behavioral therapy

Business Start-up Process

Creativity workshop, business idea finding and development techniques, Blue Ocean Strategy, value innovation development, strategy canvas, business model canvas, empathy map, polling, project conditioning stages and plain entrepreneurship, elevator sentence, attraction quartet, business plan preparation and presentation

Electronic Business Infrastructures

Website creation and management, creation of banner, promotional film, e-catalog, jingle and other electronic promotional materials.

Operational Flow

Supply chain, dispatch and process management in logistics, electronic collection systems, customer relationship management and CRM applications, R&D activities


Brief creation, brand creation and positioning, conventional and digital marketing, neuro-marketing, page, campaign and advertisement management in social media, mobile marketing, Google AdWords applications, search engine optimization (SEO), mass e-mailing systems and blogging

International Commerce

Foreign trade regulations and hints, e-foreign trade applications, local and international market research, b2b marketing, customer finding methods in foreign trade

General Trade Legislation

Brand and patent, basic commercial law and contracts, formation of company and legal requirements, basic informatics law and digital signatures, financial resources, investment/risk funds, incentives, loans and grants.

Universal Contribution

Contributing to nature and humanity, universe-centered perspective vs. self-centered perspective, social responsibility consciousness, social campaigns and sensitive citizenship

An Entrepreneurial Warrior Alumnus;

  • Constantly looks for trade opportunities.
  • Can create an entrepreneurial project and put it into practice in a most viable product [MVP] version from a to z in 7 days.
  • Can tolerate pressure and stress consistently.
  • Communicates with people in the right way and maintains it.
  • Has a high social awareness and sensitivity.
  • Impacts, drives and is beneficial to his/her environment.
  • Presents himself/herself and his/her work effectively.
  • Makes maximum use of digital systems and technology.
  • Protects nature’s and society’s interests.

Supporters of the Entrepreneurial Warrior Program