The Youngest Woman Rally Champion / Concentration Expert ENTREWAR Mentor

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She met with the Karting known as kindergarten of automobile sports while she was 7 years old, with the encouragement of his father Ertugrul Korkut Erenkul. Burcu who pursued her karting career by racing until the age of 15 in local, national and international races achieved many successes in this field.

 This time, she started racing on tracks  with a racing carith special permission she obtained from Turkish Federation of Automobile Sports and in 2006 she received the title of ''youngest pilot'' competing in the tracks..

 In 2006, she got the chance to contest under the sponsorship of Castrol. In 2007, continued to do karting with the offer presented by the team of “Chronos Racing” competing in Istanbul Endurance Cup Organization. 2007 was also the year she met with the Ralls. At the Castrol Istanbul Rally Championship, she was his father's co-pilot, who introduced the automobile sport herself. And she fell in love with Rally branch and built her career on the Rally after this race.

Castrol Istanbul Rally Championship was reorganized at the end of 2008. She was started in the pilot's seat this time at the championship where she competed with his father 1 year ago. At the end of the championship consisting of 3 races, she succeeded to be the Second of Istanbul Ladies with her co-pilot Selay Kaya.

In 2009, this time she was started with Ersin Oren at the Castrol Istanbul Rally Championship. She finished the championship as fourth in her class. After this championship, she rolled up her sleeves in order to find support to compete in the Turkish Rally Championship.

The year 2010 was a turning point for Burcu. Mahmut Yologlu the General Manager of Auton Inc., entrusted to Burcu a world-renowned brand like sonax by providing great support. With great support from Serdar Bostancı, Castrol Ford Team Turkey's Director, Burcu took the wheel of a new car which is Ford Fiesta ST. Thanks to these supports, she found the chance to race at he Turkish Rally Championship in which she has imagined for so long. The first race was the Bosphorus Rally which was a part of the European Rally Championship.

Before she started this race, she received an offer from Isık University to race  in the Formula G race organized by TÜBİTAK. She accepted this offer and started to drive  a solar-powered car at Izmir Pınarbası track for the ''Apollo'' team. She completed the race as fourth with a result surprised even by the school administration. After this race, she signed an agreement with Tissot brand which is  the sponsor of the "Apollo" team. She received the titles of '' First of Women's Pilots'' and ''Second of Class-3'' at the Bosphorus Rally. Burcu achieved different championships in different grades who participated in competitions on behalf of many different brands in next years.

Burcu is the youngest female Rally champion of our republican history...