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Dr. Serdar Savaş was born in Ankara in 1960. He completed his primary and secondary education in Ceyhan and Adana. Following his graduation from Kabataş Male High School and Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, he started his work life as a doctor in primary health care centres in Diyarbakır and Adana, respectively. He was appointed to the Provincial Directorate of Health of Adana in 1987. He was assigned as the Advisor to the Minister to prepare the national health policy by the Ministry of Health in 1988.

He took office as the Deputy Undersecretariat and the General Coordinator for Health Projects for the purpose of managing the projects funded by the World Bank from 1990 to 1993. He carried out reorganization works of the Turkish health sector during this period. Having performed his Secretary General duty in the First and Second National Health Congresses, Dr. Savaş provided the public with the technical documents of the National Health Policy and Health Reform. Studying Law during his duty, Dr. Savaş received education on health policies and financing at the London School of Economics and London School of Hygiene.
He started working as the program manager of the health policies and systems at the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe in 1993 and carried out works for the preparation of Ljubljana Charter on Reforming Health Care signed by 51 countries. Having played an important role during the restructuring of health systems of Central Asian countries, Dr. Savaş pioneered the design and implementation of health system reforms of Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan with projects of Manas, Lukman and Somoni, respectively. Enabling the establishment of the Kazakhstan School of Public Health and the Central Asian Republics Network on Health Care Reform, Dr. Savaş was influential in creating the national capacities in these countries. He carried out works in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the tragic civil war and started works in planning the post-war health system of the country.
Dr. Savaş was assigned to the duty of World Health Organization Vice Presidency for Europe/Europe Program Directorate in 1998.

He returned to Turkey in 2000 and founded the Birleşik Sağlık Sistemleri (BSS) providing counselling services in the field of health care. Carrying out the "Improving the Health Care Sector Strategy of Turkey" project funded by the World bank, BSS developed the strategic framework for the Health Care Transition Program (SDP). Furthermore, BSS also performed the Current Situation Analysis of the Women's Health and Family Planning National Strategy Plan for the UNFPA and the Ministry of Health, and created the National Reproductive Health Policy.

Dr. Serdar Savaş established the GENAR Biotechnology and Molecular Genetics Research and Application Laboratory in Hacettepe University Teknokent in 2004, the Nutrigenetics and Life Style Research Centre in 2006, Custom Medicine and Pharmacogenetics Centre in 2007 for the purpose of operating in the field of biotechnology, molecular genetics and the prevention of chronic and complex diseases and obesity. He brought together all these units under the roof of GENAR Public Health and Genomics Research Institute in 2008. Collaboration meetings are being carried out to operate this institute under the Maastricht University in the Netherlands.
GENAR Institute implemented many projects supported by both national and international institutions. These projects are oriented at understanding the genetic roots of complex diseases such as heart diseases, diabetes and cancers, and developing products and services aimed at preventing them based on the interaction between genetic and lifestyle factors.

Dr. Serdar Savaş, who has been the Management Board Member for the Democratic Left Party since 2004, have prepared far-reaching reports on European Union Relations, Kurdish Issue in South Eastern Turkey, Unemployment and Employment, Fight against Poverty, Role of SMEs in Development and Secularity, and submitted those to the Party Leader during his duty. Assigned as the Vice President in 2009, Dr. Savaş's responsibilities cover international relations, strategic, planning, political development research.
Dr. Savaş is still the Member of the Board of Directors and the Policy Development Coordinator at the European Public Health Genomics Network. He is working group member of "Evaluation of Genetic Tests" at the OECD and the president of the Biomarkers working group. He is also the founder and general secretary of the Public Health Genomics Association of Turkey, the founder of Kabataş Education Foundation, Congress member of the Beşiktaş Gymnastics Club, Vice President of the Kabataşlı Beşiktaşlılar Association, the Member of the Board of Directors of the Futurist Association of Turkey, the Medical Advisor to the Association of Protecting the Kidney Patients' Rights.

Dr. Savaş has three books published in English by the World Health Organization. He also has many chapters written for books, articles as well as many reports and political position documents.

Dr. Savaş can speak English and German fluently, and communicate in Russian and Kyrgyz at a basic level.