5. Dan Aikido Sensei / Compliance Expert ENTREWAR Mentor

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Halis Duran which was personally approved and documented by the Greatest Master of Aikido Art in the World 8th Dan Yoshimitsu YAMADA Shihan was upgraded to 5th Dan and 3rd Grade Master Instructor degree by being officially accepted by TWF Aikido Federation in 2014 and by Aikikai Foundation Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo in 2015 {World Aikido Center Hombu Dojo}. 

 He started his training with  6th Dan İhsan ÖZGÜN Trainer at Camadan Sports Hall located in Kadikoy Bahariye where he started Aikido in 1991. He had personally worked with him over 20 years. He began to work with 8th Dan Yoshimitsu Yamada Shihan who is the world's greatest master since 2009 and participated in more than 30 world seminars.

Halis Duran continues to work with his professional team under the umbrella of the International Aikido Academy Platform where he is the founder, to his career in Aikido Art where he has started in 1991.