Conductor / Polyphonic Approach Expert in Entrepreneurship ENTREWAR Mentor

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Upon dropping out of the Department of Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy at Istanbul University, he was admitted to the Ankara University State Conservatory and Bilkent University Faculty of Performing Arts, Vocal Division. He graduated from Ankara University State Conservatory Opera Choir Division. He worked as a choir singer in the Polyphonic Youth Choir of TRT Ankara Radio for years. During and after his education years, he conducted the Çağlar Symphony Orchestra and Choir. One of the founders of the Music Community of Ankara University, he also established and conducted his own orchestra and choir.

He performed as the General art director of the organization organizing festivals and social responsibility projects reaching over 20 million people with its projects. He founded the Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and Polyphonic Choir of Ankara University, and took office as conductor in Ankara University for many years. He represented Turkey in projects organized in Bulgaria, Romania, Moldavia, Ukraine and Crimea by the Ministry of Culture and Promotion Fund, and he served as the Art Director in this projects. He studied on orchestra and choir conductor in the Ukraine Simperefol State Conservatory, participated in the Conductorship Masterclass of Antalya State Symphony Orchestra and completed successfully. He produced and actively took part in many projects on an international scale.

Having worked on conductorship with Elisenda Carrasco I Ribot, Orhan ŞALLIEL, Dilruba AMANULLAEVA, Mustafa APAYDIN, Kıvanç TEPE; Yıldıray Yener is currently doing his master’s degree at the Fine Arts Education Department of the Institute of Educational Sciences of Ankara University.

He still carries out his duties as the Founding Conductor of Ankara Youth Philharmonic Orchestra and Polyphonic Choir and Art Consultant of MODA DANS SANAT. He takes part as the member of the board of directors of the World Leadership Association since 2013 and as the prime-time newscaster in the tvDEN TV channel at the same time.

He continues his duties as Chairman of the Executive Board and General Art Director in the AKADEMİDEN Kültür Sanat İletişim Medya ve Teknoloji Akademisi.