The Entrepreneurial Warrior was one of the most correct decisions I have made in my life and showed me that I could find the strength I needed to shape the rest of my life in me. I guarantee you; you will not be like you used to be at the end of it, whether you came out of it with a project or not. And if you come out with a project, then it is the icing on the top.  Here you learn entrepreneurship not by reading, but experiencing. It is a tremendous gift to apply everything I wrote on the notebook and to never forget them again. Entrepreneurship is in fact a talent and whether by birth or not, it can be taught as another talent later, and if you have a little interest, pay care to train with right people. I am sure you won’t like facilitators so easily after listening to the class of Berke Sarpas. The most important thing I saw in me during the training was that my resistance was a lot more than I had thought I had. Overcoming these problems gives you a tremendous strength. Obstacles begin and end in the mind. With this program, I learned how to organize my ideas in my mind and move forward and how to shape them. This way, I learned how to incorporate an idea into a project in the shortest way like a real professional instead being someone who is content with scrapes, so to speak. Finally, I want to talk about my fellow team members. My friends in the group that stood together against the challenges have become closer than my siblings. Also, the alumni before me were friendly as if I had known them before. That day, I realized that the Entrepreneurial Warrior was more than just a program. A family, if I may say. Entrepreneurship is a difficult journey with obstacles you must take and move on your own. It is very important to be close to people who may help you in this journey and speak the same language with you. The Entrepreneurial Warrior family is filled with these people. My project was to establish a website that recommends gifts to people who cannot decide on a gift. I can share the progress with you as the process moves along. I recommend that you definitely live this experience.