My meeting with the Enterprise Warrior training and my starting story was very fast, and I postponed another training. It was one of my training I have said that I fortunately started. Why? The thing I always argue everywhere was that team spirit is important, and everything can be accomplished with a well-formed team. Lately, I was sad to see that team spirit have been ignored. However, the happiness that I had with those who knew the importance of being a team in this training was invaluable. You can learn what it means to be a team in this training. I met my teammates who could be involved in my life in a short time, who are valuable from each other, successful, friendly, know that sharing and team.

I have looked at myself from the outside while the life continues in the busy work life, I reminded  that I have lived according to my purpose of life that I wrote in training, and also I remember what I would do with my strength, knowledge, and experience, and what I wanted to do with this training which is the occasion to notice my postponements, then I started to take steps for it.

It is good to sail on the journeys where life is aimed; my heart will take away, I will be happy and successful ... You also can open this sail..