We all sometimes like to look at ourselves from a distance and try to create options for it. However, we give in to the cycle of life we are not able to slow down somehow and continue on our path with the fear of failing in this action, which itself is actually not easy at all. Now! Leave all of your habits, ego, all negative values you have in your mind and also hesitations behind and be ready to create a ‘new you’. As a person who participated in the program from Izmir and lived it to the fullest, I can say I faced myself one more time in each practice, broke grounds one more time in each task and my behaviors became oriented to the goal when I broke the taboos. I believe more in each passing day that the program that was prepared in general to reveal your potential to become an entrepreneur or create a difference as an intrapreneur within the organization aims in essence at “bringing about yourself” that is on top of the list of the hierarchy of needs. I completed the training I participated in to look at myself from a distance after also learning to change my place in life. I would like to thank again Berke Sarpas and his team for letting us live this experience..