Dozens of thresholds you think you can’t pass any more most of the time, uncertainty, the haste to take the right steps at the right moment at a time that is terribly fast, many moments during which you feel physical and mentally incapable, and wasted money and effort. Many moments and more during which you think two hands and a brain are not enough and you need a right mind... I met the Entrepreneurial Warrior Program while struggling in the similar process most people who have goals experience. Its call even was different and the curiosity of what this program had had already surrounded me.  Well, you ask what happened during the Entrepreneurial Warrior Program? 

I learned to value myself to the extent I could protect my individuality, but to work hard to create the conditions my environment could benefit at the same time, explore my limits first to achieve my goals, try to expand these limits more each time, learn lessons from everyone I know and everything I see and experience, never look back, fight to the end to ensure my development and progress each time. I learned that I should remember to do more before falling right at the moment I thought things were not going well and that I could act more strongly each time for more. I learned to always make proper use of opportunities I encounter, fight to not lose to my feelings, make proper use of and manage well the nice feelings that would help me make my environment feel better without the haste to not lose to my feelings, and be able to laugh always despite everything and no matter what I lived because it was good for the brain. Hadn’t I known any of these? I learned that I had thought I had known and applied all these, but I had not done any of them in a full sense. I say I wish I had attended this program earlier to make proper use of my efforts and capital. But, I realized here that it wasn’t late for anything. :)