When the program started, there were more than twenty people, disorganized thoughts, expectations I considered burden, my dreams I considered impossible and I. Now, I remember the term impossible only in my dreams. My dreams have now become my life goals and I live what is not expected of me, but what I want. The most valuable of all is that I now have over twenty invaluable people in my life who have experienced the same feelings as I have and adopted same way of thinking as I have and I consider my family. I have hundreds of memories I shared with them all and stories I can tell my grandchildren. Is it the best decision I have made in my life? Absolutely... I owe my thanks to the Entrepreneurial Warrior program that gave me unforgettable moments, invaluable accumulation of knowledge, fellow team members that I can trust with all my heart, all I need to make my dreams come true, the family I gained here, and all of my invaluable mentors, each more valuable than the other, for their immense knowledge and experience. Thank you, Entrepreneurial Warrior...