The Entrepreneurial Warrior is a very high order training. I must say it is worth every effort, time and moment you give. It would take years to gain such expert level information in the specialty training. However, the management team of the program works with you with a noteworthy dedication. The mentors you meet in the training may provide you with very significant connections from the business world. After learning the knowledge as valuable as a treasure you will have distinct differences both in your social life and work life. You reach to a level where you will research a project in all details and test it in a week. During the training, you will have moments you say I used to do this way, and now remember them laughing. As the youngest person in the team, I am glad that I participated in this training in my college years. I can summarize the value it added to my viewpoint of life as follows: There is always a solution and time to find it is always available. So-called Good and Bad change based on your perspective. Best...