Fortunately, Enterprise Warrior program became a turning point in my life. I thought that it could be successful in entrepreneurship alone, but with this training, I have seen by experiencing how it can be achieved with teamwork in a short period and that one person alone might be enough to a certain extent. In this training, I met so equipped, intelligent and wonderful people that I learned great things from them as in my coach and training; they were my network as well as my family. If I write the training I have received here, my teammates (family) and our coach Berke Sarpas as a book, I could not make you feel my two wonderful months and the ongoing process as long as you do not live...

I had fears, worries, and ambivalence before joining the Enterprise Warrior training, and now with the training I have taken, I am fearless, determined and saved from all worries, pursuing his passions without giving up, do not recognize any obstacles I AM ALWAYS READY EVERYTHING. I turned into a true enterprise warrior.