Before: The weather is very cold... A drizzle makes the wind blow sharper; I no longer can feel my fingertips. There is no indoor space that I can take shelter in, either. But, there is a letter I must quickly finish and send. What could I do? it did not happen this time. I will make it up for it later.. After the ENTREWAR: The weather is very cold. It is raining and there is no indoor space. I must quickly finish and send this letter! My computer will get wet under that tree. I will connect to the Internet via my phone. I don’t feel my fingers. But, it will not stop me! Yes, it may slow me down a little, but will never stop me. I will not allow it! I will also achieve this just like I have achieved before. I have achieved more difficult ones. I will not allow anything to stop me from being successful. I WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN! You are a great facilitator, thank you, Berke! Thank you for creating such a program and improving it day to day!