The biggest value I gained from the program is awareness. This is such a thing that you realize that things you say you can’t do  is those that you have overrated and you can do in the simplest way. Actually, the trick is to evaluate a job or situation by looking at it from different perspectives and this program teaches you this in that you feel that you can overcome any job and anything. Open yourself to the novelties and never give up. Try, try, try; you will succeed at the end. The technical trainings tell about the tricks without getting into too much detail and I was very pleased with it. We received a plain and clean training with no information pollution. We now have an idea about any topic we trained in. Outdoor practices made us move up one level. We broke and threw away our old thoughts with each practice. We eliminated our concerns and thanks to these practices we are ready to become an entrepreneur. You must absolutely participate in these practices. What is experienced and shared here is very beautiful. Just like a family, people go beyond their limits to help you. Those who came out of this are just like siblings and I have now 60 siblings. Everyone has a different field of expertise, different experiences and the friends here give you so much to your projects that it becomes very easy to implement your project. I would like to thank here again our mentors for sharing their experiences in the training. Invaluable information and experiences we learned from the mentors are precious. What are the chances of having such an opportunity in your life? One of the most important aspects for an entrepreneur is the network. I believe that none of the trainings in Turkey has such a network. I am now an entrepreneur and thank very much the Entrepreneurial Warrior facilitators who made us step into entrepreneurship. After the training they don’t leave us alone, either, and constantly contribute to us. This is the major indicator of the fact that the facilitators do this job with great love and by adding value. Finally, never give up, try try try, you will succeed at the end. What else could you live other than success after that much trying?