Barbaros Özbugutu and Tahsin Isin founded iyzico in Istanbul in 2012. Their aim: to provide e-commerce companies of any size the ease and security of a payment management system. iyzico makes the lives of all those accepting online payments easier. Through its value-added services, iyzico is about win-win collaboration.

23 Dijital

Founded in 2014, 23 Dijital has been producing brand-based solutions since its inception. 23 Dijital provides support to our successful graduates about advertising management, social media strategy and counseling.


Epigra which is Istanbul-based software agency and has been into operation in 2011 has been a GIS partner for 3 years. Epigra provides support our successful graduates for mobile and web-based project software needs.

Aura Media

Aura Media which is one of the most successful Google AdWords advertising agencies in our country was founded in 2009. This organization that has been a GIS partner for 3 years provides support to our successful graduates about Adwords management.

Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University, which is one of the most established educational institutions of our country, was founded in 1996 by Istanbul Education and Culture Foundation (İSTEK). Yeditepe has been a GIS partner for 1 year. Specialization Training of Enterprise Warrior is hosted by Yeditepe University.


Webtures is Turkey's largest and the world's 4th largest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) company and has been GIS partner for 2 years. The needs of our successful graduates in SEO are covered by Webtures.

Marjinal Portel Novelli

This agency that more than 35 professionals serve was activated in 2003 as a Turkish office of Porter Novelli firm being the world's leading PR agencies and America-based. Successful GIS graduates' enterprises are reflected in the press with the support of Marginal Portel Novelli.

Endeavor Turkey

Turkey office of the Endeavor Association, established in New York in 1997 and then rapidly spreading to the world was opened at the end of 2006. Endeavor Association which has been our partner for 3 years, supports active entrepreneurs who are GIS Special Union members.

Turkish Economy Bank

The Turkish Economy Bank (TEB), which provides business development support to entrepreneurs has been a GIS partner for 3 years. In this context, GIS Special Union members receive the right to directly make a presentation to the final jury of the TEB Incubation program.

Entrepreneurship Foundation

Turkey Entrepreneurship Foundation (GIRVAK) is a foundation that carries out studies to spread the understanding of entrepreneurial mindset among young people. GIS gives special education within the scope of social responsibility (fellow) for young people given scholarships by GIRVAK.

Startup Bootcamp

Startup Bootcamp founded in Kophenhag in 2010 and spread soon to European countries is a special organization that provides acceleration support to internet entrepreneurs. This organization which has been a GIS partner for 2 years gives the right to directly make presentations to the final jury for GIS Special Union members.

Koç Inventram

Inventram was founded in 2010 with the cooperation of Koç University and Koç Holding and is a private organization supporting early-stage entrepreneurs in the field of technology, innovation, and intellectual property. The organization which has been a GİS partner for 3 years, gives the right to directly make presentations to the final jury for the project owners of GIS Special Union members. 


Fongogo is a portal which all kinds of entrepreneurship project are funded and implemented with the public support. Fongogo which has been a GIS partner for 3 years, firstly lists GIS Special Union members' projects and supports for the amount of capital they need for their projects.


Alesta which was founded in 2012 as an affiliate of Escort Teknoloji Yatırım Inc., The organization that primarily aims to invest in innovative technological products, has been a GIS partner for 2 years and gave priority to GIS Special Union members in investment processes.

Bir Fikrin Mi Var?

Since its establishment, by reaching about 17 thousand entrepreneurs in Turkey and around the world, it becomes the largest universal entrepreneurship program of our country. GIS Special Union members have a right to directly participate in the competition of Bir Fikrin Mi Var? (''Have you got an idea?'') published on Channel 360.  

BIC Angel Investments

BIC Angels which was founded by Dr. Joachim Behrendt is an early stage investment company approved by the Undersecretary of Treasury. BIC Angels give priority in investments to GIS Special Union members and evaluate them privately.

Istanbul Startup Angels

İstanbul Startup Angels match the enterprises with the investors which have passed the idea stage and provided core capital in the fields of the Internet, software, telecom, mobile technology and advanced technology. ISA gives priority to GIS Special Union members in their services.


Monogram which has been working on all kinds of photography and printing studies since 2007 provides special supports from photography and printing studies to GIS successful graduates.

RDS Tercüme

RDS Translation which has more than 1,000 customers and has translated more than 25 million words in total since 2012 offers professional translation services in all languages. RDS that meets the translation needs in the projects of successful GIS graduates has been a GIS partner for 1 year.

Köse & Köse Law Office

Köse-Köse Law Office which was founded by Lawyer Alpay Köse and served with a successful career in commercial law and with an expert staff of 15, provides legal advice to successful GIS graduates' projects.

Marmara Patent

Marmara Patent which founded by Emine Nazlı Olsun in 1997 and continued its activities in the fields of trademark, patent, design, geographical indication, quality, and copyrights consults to successful GIS graduates' projects with the years of knowledge and acquisition.


Radore offers individual and enterprise data center services with its technical infrastructure. Radore is working with Turkey's leading brands and being one of the largest data hosting centers in our country, offers hosting and accommodation services to successful GIS graduates. is a foundation which registers legally any written or auditory artifact with an approved time stamp and with the authorization obtained from TurkTrust under Electronic Signature Law No.5070. Sahiplen protects the works and websites of successful GIS graduates by time stamp.

The International Aikido Platform

The International Aikido Platform (UAAP) implemented by 5th Dan 4th Level Head Coach Halis Duran Sensei and also accredited by Yamada Shihan who is the greatest master of Aikido art in the world is the only school in our country. GIS participants gain the understanding of winning here by adjusting.

Dokuz Eylul Technology Development Co. Ltd (Depark), was established in Izmir to contribute to Turkey's R & D potential and technology production and to be part of sustainable development. DEPARK hosts the camps held every year in İzmir and offer support for Izmir to members of GIS Special Unit.

Bilkent Cyberpark

Bilkent Cyberpark, one of the biggest techno-parks in Turkey, incorporates important research centers in the country. For 2 years, the organization which is a partner of GIS evaluates the applications of the Special Union members as a priority.


Laterna that has been our partner organization since 2016, specializes in promotional films. It prepares promotional videos of the projects of our entrepreneurs and takes the photo and provides support in the field of content development.

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