Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions have been asked about the Entrepreneurial Warrior Program so far. Below you will find the answers to these questions.

Entrepreneurial Warrior is a unique and outstanding entrepreneurship organization. The organization teaches you by letting you experience entrepreneurship 360 degree with the help of 38 high level experts from various disciplines and brings up disciplined, highly equipped and strong entrepreneurs with a broad vision. The program process continues extraordinary and intense practices. We continue our relations with our alumni who successfully complete the program for life; and we develop commercial and social projects together. You will become aware of your own potential during the program and you will create a difference with the projects you will develop afterwards.

Entrepreneurship has become one of the most popular concepts recently. However, this easy-to-say magical word crowning the title page of social media profiles for many people is, in fact, a badge which can be carried by those who deserve it! Because, in reality we refer to those who are fighters in hard times and progressivist minds, and who leads societies... Entrepreneurs are actual fighters, they pursue their passions. Real entrepreneurs follow wisdom instead of their ego. Real entrepreneurs focus on value before money, they prefer the excitement of the possibility of changing the world into a top model car. They live without fear in line with their goals regardless of whether they will be proved right, whether they will leave their marks or whether they will be remembered. 

We call those real entrepreneurs who are the hope of future "Entrepreneurial Warriors". Because there is not much difference between a great warrior and a successful entrepreneur. Both set off by first winning their inner battles. Both require courage, experience, skills, diligence and endurance. The only limit for both is values. Both live out team life, control their emotions and thoughts, assume full responsibility under all circumstances, endure pain and stress, and either they get results or die trying but never give up on their goals, never...

Today, the entrepreneurship centers operating worldwide generally focus on “projects”, not the people. The general approach adopted by these centers is built around finishing the job by developing the project of an entrepreneur through some quickly fixed training and consulting services and introducing these projects to investors as soon as possible. Whereas, the entrepreneur himself/herself comes before the project because at the center of each job is a man. What lies under the quick growth stories of billion-dollar enterprises of the new economy is not business ideas or business models they have but, teams with a Warrior spirit that make best use of these resources. The common quality shared by these Warriors that change the world is their maturity in comparison to an average person. Entrepreneurs that have yet to achieve a certain level of maturity in terms of personality and technically cannot generate projects that will change the world.

Our priority is entrepreneurs, not projects. We first select individuals that possess basic personal qualities for entrepreneurship with care and later expose them to a very special and extraordinary process. During this process, they will re-define themselves and life, increase their awareness, gain mental resilience, broad their vision, increase their wisdom, fully learn the entire technical knowledge they will need during a disciplined process, and thus start their own business in a viable form before the training is completed. Those who participate in the training to develop their business will do so and those who participate in the training to take advantage of career opportunities are referred to companies.

Our fight is not against people, but ourselves. Against our ego we have grown inside for years, tricksters attracting us to traps, the negative aspects of our primitive brain and our limits and dogmas restricting us...According to the American SEAL Commandos, an average person lives using one twentieth of his/her potential. However, those who have the courage to reveal their entire potential by pushing the limits are able to control their emotions, discover and focus on their life goals and achieve great success. For us entrepreneurship does not mean starting a business. Entrepreneurship means that an individual is capable of determining his/her life goal and living in full capacity toward this goal by managing his/her feelings, thoughts and body, and removing all obstacles faced. Therefore, we have a wide variety of individuals among our alumni of Warriors ranging from those involved in e-trade, foreign trade, to those writing books, opening cafes, receiving promotion, carrying out social responsibility projects, and winning sports medals. Any individual that achieves great success by controlling his/her thoughts, emotions and body is an entrepreneur.

We promise a program, the kind of which you have never seen before. During this program, you will learn the business and trade world well, internalize all of the tricks, broaden your vision, maximize your mental and physical resilience, discover the real potential within you, start your business from scratch and also be the expert sought by companies. 

Below are the nine qualities that set the Entrepreneurial Warrior apart in Turkey;

  1. Entrepreneurial Warrior Program is one of the first interdisciplinary entrepreneurship programs. It teaches you entrepreneurship in every aspect. You will learn to think great, to view matters and events in a holistic and multilateral way. 

  2. Even if you don’t have a business idea, you can create it from scratch during the program.

  3. The Entrepreneurial Warrior Certificate given to successful graduates at the end of the program are accredited by 30 organizations across Turkey that give them priority.

  4. At the end of the program, you will be included in the alumni group and you will be able to collaborate with our previous alumni who hold the same skills and values. 

  5. You will be a member of the GIA (ENTREWAR in Action) Special Union to which successful graduates are accepted at the end of the program and which will support you forever. There your knowledge will be regularly updated and your business will grow with the help of special networking. The GIA is the most disciplined, qualified, organized and dedicated entrepreneurial group in Turkey. 

  6. The Entrepreneurial Warrior has an unprecedented and special philosophy, understanding, culture, special uniforms, medals, badges and a chamber choir. It has tremendously different and exceptional format with these qualities. 

  7. The program is not conducted under the sponsorship of a specific company/group and is completely privately owned, and therefore, has progressed independently and freely in both development of training/practice content and our bilateral business collaboration with companies and is built around your success and interests.

  8. Our program is the only system in Turkey that increases personal potential, spiritual, mental and physical capacity and resilience of prospective entrepreneurs during classes.

  9. Our program is the only entrepreneurship program which can provide the most number of classes and practices in Turkey with 120 classes and 90 practices. You will learn everything you need to know at a sitting without losing any time and you will quickly get the behaviour you will need and the right perspective

You will complete the program having the support of a motivated and synergetic group that has come to the program after being selected for the path of entrepreneurship like you will, and prevent to a considerable extent the mistakes you will make and waste of time and money after going through a professional training. After the training, you will not be alone during the growth stage of your business and continue on your path with the regular support of a network of experts. The program will teach you what you need for superior success including mental resilience, emotional flexibility, never giving up, stress management, controlling your emotions, thoughts and body, enhance your wisdom, inject a superior life style into you and help you start your business step by step by giving all of the required technical complement. Following the training, you will continue to receive a 360-degree support through consulting, meetings, networking, update trainings and various activities, and are referred to 30 collaborating organizations that also have entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneurial Warrior Certificate you will receive is accredited across Turkey.

Entrepreneurial Warrior Program is supported by people from different specialties. These people who put their signatures under important successes believe in the vision, philosophy, system, future of the Program, and have taken their parts in our staff. In this respect, at least 80% of our mentors announced on our homepage provide trainings in every term depending on their availability. Moreover, our mentors continue to meet one-to-one with Special Union members within the scope of GIA (Entrepreneurial Warrior Special Union) after the training process.

Our program is predominantly;  

  •  Professionals who are actively working and aim to start their own business at the same time 
  •  Prospective entrepreneurs that want to implement their project 
  •  Workers who wish to be an entrepreneur but does not know where to start,
  •  Business owners that want to move their current business to a more professional infrastructure 
  •  Experts that work in an organization and aim to be a senior manager in the future 
  •  Qualified experts who are in a quest for a business and improve their career 
  •  Those who have a goal of attaining an outstanding success in a field of art or sports.
  •  College students that want to broaden their horizon before entering the business life. 

Creating/developing your business idea is a part of the program. All participants are exposed to practices about how they can determine their business ideas. Therefore, it is not mandatory that you come to the program having a business idea already. However, if you already have a business idea, we will first sign a non-disclosure agreement with you upon your request and then listen to your idea and coach you.

Please read the website thoroughly, and then fill in the pre-application form on our application page. There are 25 questions. It is of crucial importance for us that you answer each question in detail. If your form is deemed suitable, we will invite you to a preliminary online interview via webcam. We will learn more about you thorugh this interview; and, should you be approved, you can then participate in the program. Passing our pre-application and interview processes is not at all difficult. It is during these stages that we assess your fundamental dynamics because we feel that the entrepreneurship capacity cannot be analyzed in detail through forms and interviewing alone. For us, volunteering is essential in the first step. The real eliminations occur during the training in the Entrepreneurial Warrior. Those who pass the Beginner Union can then transfer on to Master Union. If they then are able to pass that phase as well, then they can join our community as a Master Entrepreneur. Those eliminated during training  have the right to still continue their training; however, they will not able to join our community upon completion.

Entrepreneurial Warrior Specialization Program consists of 3 main stages. These are GIS Beginner Union, GIS Master Union, and GIS Special Union respectively. Let's examine these processes step-by-step with you below;

The GIS Beginner Union training gives you the basic philosophy of the Enterprise Warrior. You will make acquainted with the concepts such as real entrepreneurship, never give up perspective, stress management, strength, emotion and thought control, game-changer, work-discipline acquisition in this training, determine your life purpose with advanced awareness applications and clarify your entrepreneurial project. You will realize your own potential.

The GIS Master Union ensure you to set up your own business step-by-step and disciplined and to implement the project you have determined in the Beginner Union. In addition, it provides you all the technical equipment you need to know about entrepreneurship. It allows you to settle exactly the awareness of entrepreneurship war and to get the necessary behavior.

GIS Beginner Union. Following the training, we have a period of strategic consultancy for 2 weeks. In this respect, our program is 90 hours in total; including 16 classes, 24 practices, 7 homework and continues for a total of 1 month. Our July program consists of 5 nights and 6 days of overnight accommodation in tents

GIS Master Union. Following the program, we have a period of strategic consultancy for 2 weeks. In this respect, our program is 300 hours; including 100 classes, 60 practices, 24 homework and continues for a total of 2 months.

Our quotas for each term are open to applicants throughout the year and when the quota is full, the groups are closed.

You can start a wide variety of businesses for yourself by participating in our program. For example;

  • You can construct and implement a special Internet project from scratch.
  • You can develop a different concept about a product, start your own e-trade and start retailing domestically or overseas via Internet
  • You can market products of manufacturing plants in Turkey overseas and work as an e-trade intermediary
  • You can obtain representation or distributorship in Turkey for different and interesting products from overseas
  • You can open a store and restaurant
  • You can develop a global mobile application,
  • You can realize an international social entrepreneurship project,
  • You can attain an outstanding success in a field of art or sports,
  • You can design a very different product or service and popularize it globally.
  • You can promote your current company using digital marketing methods and several technological applications more effectively, make your infrastructure look more professional, reduce your costs, access new customer resources more quickly, increase your profitability, invest and, in the end, expand your current business. 
  • If you are attending the program for purposes of developing your career instead of establishing a business, you can receive promotion/transfer by turning into an entrepreneur at the end of the program and become a high level manager in a multinational company
  • If you already have a special business idea, you can start a business on this business idea in or outside the Internet (online/offline). 
  • If you are applying for the program not to start a business but to develop your career, you can move upward/receive a transfer at the end of the program.

There are many products and services offered free, at a cheap, average price or expensive price in the world. When it comes to training, for example, an “entrepreneurship” program can be bought at a very high price in Harvard or received free of charge from a distant learning school in Turkey. Even if the topic is the same, training method and contribution of the program to you shall vary to a tremendous extent. The Entrepreneurial Warrior training is one of the highest quality program offered around globe with its unprecedented methods and extraordinary training techniques. The Entrepreneurial Warrior offers you a unique experience, communicates the entire technical knowledge and behavioral elements to you through trainings, helps you start your own business, follows you closely and continuously supports you after your graduation. Entrepreneurship is a very serious decision that will affect your life deeply, and setting out on this journey with the best organization will determine your success. 
On the other hand, organizations that announce they offer support free of charge do not first aim to train you as an entrepreneur, but to achieve a some kind of ‘score’ by developing your project quickly. For, majority of these organizations carry on with the support of sponsorships (private or public), and priority of sponsors are projects. Sponsors capitalize on the projects created through advertisement (PR). And on the day sponsor’s support ends, the support to the entrepreneur ends. Whereas, entrepreneurship is a process that continues a lifetime. Quickly-fixed and hap hazard simple trainings and artificial projects forced by funding cannot be expected to become permanent. Hard and large scale businesses are generated by experts that have grasped and internalized entrepreneurship well.
With this in mind, entrepreneurs in Turkey must be trained with care, grasp a flexible thinking style, gain mental resilience and visionary perspective, enhance their wisdom, receive the required technical knowledge, be disciplined, and be supported professionally at regular intervals and for short periods, but constantly (years). A well-organized and quality service constructed this way cannot be offered free of charge. 

No. The Entrepreneurial Warrior cannot benefit from any funds in the Beginner and Master Unions. The ultimate reason being is our libertarian and independent stance, as well as the fact that we feel that each individual wishing to be an entrepreneur—regardless of circumstance—are ready to pay the price. Hence, the program has a fee, and it is only our supporters who are our participants. Program fees are revised in May of each year upon looking at annual inflation rates. The fees are allocated as being 25% for fixed expenses, 25% for company profit, 20% for the operational expenses, 15% for promotion expenses, 5% for the Special Union budget, and 10% for early registration discount allowance. In accordance with our internal regulations, the spending of the company’s profit by company owners for their own personal wealth and consumption is prohibited. The budget allocated as the profit of company is directly invested into the development of the GIS. All incomes and expenses are audited on a monthly basis by the GIS Special Union.

Yes. A significant portion of the applications is coming from prospective entrepreneurs who are currently working somewhere, but want start their own business or develop their careers on the other hand. The program is offered face to face at weekends and over Internet during evening time at weekdays, and actively working individuals can participate. However, seminars are carried out through practices. Be ready to be challenged.

The alumni who attend to the GIS Master Union, do not receive more than 2 warnings and whose projects are approved by the GIS Central Executive Committee are granted the Entrepreneurial Warrior Certificate; those who receive more than 4 warnings and whose projects are not approved are granted the Master Entrepreneur Certificate. The candidates who receive the 5th warning do not receive any certificates and the relations with those are broken off. Those who are detected to violate the principle of honesty during the program are directly dismissed from the program without any warnings.

Ambition. Ambition is the key to opening doors in the GIS world. Ambition has always been the ultimate means of support for those who have successfully graduated from GIS training. This value is also fundamental for putting forward important projects. Brilliance and intelligence is nowhere near as important as ambition. 

Life-long. We were established to support our graduates until death, in the strictest sense of the word. Entrepreneurial Warrior was established in order to groom well calibrated entrepreneurs, as well as in order to create entrepreneurial projects that can change the world by supporting our experts in a sound manner. This task is not one that can be achieved in just a few short weeks or months. Entrepreneurism is a life-long adventure, and the Entrepreneurial Warrior program is meant to continue well into the future.